Cancellation & Refund Policy

Last updated on May 4th 2024

To avoid cancellation charges, please reschedule or cancel the order 72 hours before the scheduled time. For details see cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy:
  • Your service request may be rescheduled or cancelled online through Vedaangam platform (web/app)
  • The cancellation charges are mentioned hereinafter :
    • = 72 hours -; Zero cancellation charges. 100% refund excluding convenience charges paid, if any.
    • Between 72 hrs&; 48 hours; – 25% cancellation charges &; Convenience charges paid, if any.
    • Between 48 hours &; 24hrs; – 50% cancellation charges;&; Convenience charges paid, if any.
    • <=24 hrs.; – NO REFUND
  • If the order booked falls within the time frame of the above policy and cancelled afterwards by the customer, the cancellation charges will be applicable as per the above slot anyway.
  • The rescheduling ( one time) of a service is possible within the available service categories pertaining to that city; and or date; for one time only.You can change the date of the booked service prior to 72 hours and or change it from one service (booked service) to another service.
  • For rituals like Amavasya Tharpanam and all Punniyakala Tharpanams like ( Chithrai vishu, Aadi Amavasaya,Thai Amavasya,Thula vishu); NO REFUND WILL BE MADE IRRESPECTIVE OF THE TIME OF CANCELLATION).;
  • If the service professional is running late by over 60 minutes and ;the customer wants to cancel the order, then the cancellation charges will NOT be applicable
  • Due to any unforeseen circumstances or internal reasons, Vedaangam reserves the right to cancel any order at any point of time and Vedaangam will not be liable to anyone for the same.
  • If the visit is cancelled by the service professional then customer is NOT liable to pay cancellation charges.
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