Learn what is vedic astrology, why is it important for hindus, how it impacts your life & how Kundali is prepared by hand.

Vedic Astrology

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21+ pages hand-written by expert astrologers. It will be a scanned PDF file. Complete the kundali analysis report of your life.

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Mag Jyotish is committed to kept users' data 100% confidential, we do not give out users information.

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When you opt for any services from the magjyotish team then you will get lifetime support. Our expert astrologers and team members always here for your help.

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You will get two ask-question services free with one report. more report more free question you will get.

Remedial Solutions

Spiritual, Gemstone & Rudrasksh based remedial solution is the part of Vedic Jyotish and our report is completely based on Vedic Jyotish.

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72 hours is the maximum time slot for making your handwritten report. we always deliver within the time.

Online Vs. Handmade Kundali

We compared a few kundalis prepared by expert astrologers to kundalis created by software or the internet. In Lagna and moon charts, the position, placement, and degrees of planets were all the same, although D-charts differed slightly.

As a result, you may argue that internet charts are extremely precise in terms of planet placement. It’s like having a computer perform all of your computations instead of a human. A competent astrologer may take many hours to generate a thorough Kundali, whereas software may do it in a few clicks. Both will function on the same principle, but the machine will be quicker than a human.


Now, the forecasts made by these software or online Kundalis are based on generic placements of planets, not on their relative positions, aspects, or other factors.


As a result, we don’t believe their projections are even close to being accurate. It can forecast the same future for a group of people who have completely diverse characteristics. You can’t blame the programme for this because even a competent astrologer would struggle to examine every facet of the Kundali. In summary, an online Kundali is useful for determining the position of your planets but not for forecasting their outcomes.


In terms of mathematical calculations of planetary placements, the web software is giving you the truth. That, too, must be double-checked, at least once, using manual calculations and epimerase. However, predicting the future and events or dates needs a great deal of understanding and “reading between the lines,” something a programme cannot perform. Not to take anything away from software, but since they are a realistic part of life, they require a great deal of development, which I am confident will be accomplished.

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Vedaangam provides Vedic Astrology consultation through JanmPatri (manual handwritten horoscope report), VarshPhal (annual handwritten report), MelaPak (Matchmaking report), Ask -question to Expert astrologer and Chat-Panel for regular communication with Astrologer just like a chat with them.

We don’t work on the readymade statement for prediction purposes as we work on Vedic Indian astrology. Vedaangam.com is not worked on self-made astrology. Our astrologers are trained on Parashar Siddhant, Bhrigu Jyotish for Falit Jyotish.

Once you proceed to order you cannot undo this and refunds cannot be issued on the order of any services under any circumstances, once it reaches the processing stage. you are requested to order carefully and with full consideration. But Yes, once you entered the wrong details and the order processed successfully then there’s no need to worry, you can update your or your member’s details within 1 hour of the order placed.


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