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Free muhurt consultancy Looking for the perfect date and time to begin an important project or event? Auspicious dates and muhurat selection can play a significant role in ensuring success and good fortune. Consult with experts to choose the best muhurat for your occasion based on astrological calculations and planetary positions. Whether it’s a wedding, business launch, or housewarming ceremony, finding the right auspicious date and muhurat can make all the difference. Don’t leave it to chance, secure your luck and prosperity by selecting the best muhurat for your next big event.


Know your Auspicious date if you are planning for new Business, House Warming, Ring Ceremony or Marriage! SHUBH MUHURT AS PER LOCAL TIME AND PLACE ACROSS THE GLOBE. Auspicious date and muhurat services is the best provider i India, It is mostly seen that Indians living abroad decide muhurt based on Indian timezone and place, however in different timezone and place, different Nakshatra created that changes the muhurt time and date as per local timezone and place. Doing rituals and new task muhurat by astrologer in Shubh Muhurt is always advisable to get maximum benefit and peace.



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