Kaal Sharpa Dosha Puja


Kaal Sarpa Dosha! In literal meaning, Kal means ‘Time’, Sarpa means ‘serpent’ and Dosha means ‘Fault’ or ‘Problem’. In Astrology, we consider Rahu, the head part of a snake, and Ketu, the tail part of the snake, as a phenomenon that governs the Karmic Deeds. At the time of your birth, all the 7 planets are situated between Rahu and Ketu then it forms a Kaal Sarp Dosh. This could be a catastrophic astrological placement of planets that could affect its natives with numerous misfortunes. Kaal Sarp dosha could affect the native’s health, happiness and peace of mind. Misfortunes and obstruction in the progress are the outcome of Kaal Sarpa Dosh. This is the reason most people are frightened of Kala Sarpa Dosha.


How it works

  • Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivarn Puja is performed with Puja of a pair of Sneak made out of Copper along with Navagraha and other Five important Deities. Puja also involves Chanting / reciting Sarpa Sukta along with Homam rituals with Ghree, seasam, barley and other sacred material related to Dosa Shanti. Yagya / Homa is a significant remedy to remove the evil effect of the Kaal Sarp Dosh in our chart. To get maximum positive results, Puja will be performed on the nearest best Muhurat i.e In a Nakshtra of Rahu Ketu or on the day of “Amavasya”. To complete the Puja during the Muhurta, Vedaangam will appoint a team of 3 to 4 priests led by an Aacharya who are masters of the Vedic rituals.

Performing Kaal Sarp Puja can confer you with the following benefits:

  • Remove negative influence of Kaal Sarp Dosha
  • Pacifying effect of Rahu & Ketu and enhancing the luck factor
  • Get protection from obstacles and misfortunes
  • Ensure relief from sorrows & bondage
  • Improvise relationship and harmony in family life
  • Give a balance progress in every area of life
  • Gain mental peace and overcome issues of restlessness and anxiety in life

Why Choose Us

  • Reciting Sarpa Suktam with Homa of Mantra are the important rituals for performing Kaal Sarp Dosha Shanti Puja, so it is necessary that it should be performed by Vedic priests who are well-versed in the Vedic scriptures. vedaangam has designed the most authentic way of doing puja with the Vedic process and hymns. Also, Puja will be performed by the most knowledgeable Sanskrit nobles/scholars.
  • To ensure that it is done exactly as it is supposed to be, Vedaangam has created a dedicated team of Pandits for this purpose. This team is headed by a very senior Pandit who plays the role of the “Acharya” or the Head of the Puja to ensure that it is done in accordance with Vedas.

Why Book Online Puja With Us:-

  • Personalized Puja performed according to Vedic standards and procedures by our Vedic priest.
  • The designated Panditji will perform only one puja at a time. Also, your Sankalp will be taken in order to align Puja with your purpose and make it personalized.
  • Use of high-quality Puja Samagri to generate a considerable amount of positive energy.
  • Virtually participate in live puja performed by our Vedic priests via Google meet.
  • Convenient and transparent online Puja with guaranteed punctuality and authenticity by Vedaangam Team.


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