Kumbh Vivah Puja


Happy marriage with Aquarius marriage If there is ‘Mangal Dosha’, ‘Vaidhavya Dosha’ or ‘Vish Yoga’ in the girl’s horoscope, then the remedy is Aquarius marriage. In the horoscope of a girl, in whose horoscope Mars is conjoined with malefic planets and malefic planets are aspecting Mars in the seventh house, valid factors like Arishta Yoga, such as Manglik Dosha or Vishkanya Dosha – in the scriptures for a happy marriage of a girl contaminated with all these, Aquarius Marriage counseling has been given.


What is Kumbh Vivah Puja?

When according to Graham there is Widow Yoga in the birth certificate of a girl, then Kumbh Vivah Sanskar is performed to get rid of it. This yoga is born in the horoscope of the concerned girl child. If such a girl marries a groom without marrying Aquarius, then she becomes a widow. In this ritual, the first bride is married to an idol of Lord Vishnu installed in an earthen pot.

This marriage is done in a normal way. There was also dowry of the bride in it. After the entire marriage ceremony, the idol of Vishnu is immersed in the water body. Thus the Kumbh marriage ceremony ends. After this the concerned bride can be married to the willing groom.

Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. This holy place has got a unique significance due to the presence of Trimurti Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh here. That’s why it is more beneficial to do Kumbh wedding here.

Benefits of Kumbh Vivah

When there is Manglik Dosh in someone’s Kundli, Kumbh Vivah is performed to remove Manglik Dosh, its benefits are received by the bride and groom.

In such a situation, the biggest advantage of Kumbh Vivah is that Manglik Dosh can be removed, after that desired marriage can be done.

When both the bride and groom are auspicious, then by doing their marriage, the auspicious dosha goes away. Manglik Dosh increases in me, so it is better to do Kumbh marriage.

What is the best Muhurat to perform Kumbh Vivah?

Kumbh marriage is a symbolic marriage, so there is no Muhurta. This ritual can be performed by Tamrapatradhari Guruji at Trimbakeshwar under his guidance at the time given, at his home. Kumbh Vivah, Arka Vivah and other Shanti Pujas are performed in the Trimbakeshwar temple area i.e. at Tamrapatradhari Guruji’s house.



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