Rudrabhishek Puja Tryambakeshwar Nasik


The Maha Rudraabhishekam is performed at Trimbakeshwar temple under the guidance of official purohits of the Trimbakeshwar temple, Nashik. The devotee has to enchant the mantras along the panditji, performing Pooja with the names and Gotras of the family members. It is important, however, that the individual performing the Pooja wears new clothes. Men should wear dhoti, Gamcha, and a white napkin. Females should dress in new saris, blouses, and other appropriate attire.


Rudrabhishek is a ritual in which a Panchamrut is offered to Lord Shiva along with mantras to grant all of the wishes of the individual who performs it. This Rudrabhishek bestows wealth, the satisfaction of all desires, the removal of negativity, the cutting off of bad karma, and overall Happiness. The devotees enchant mantras/Shlokas for communicating with God. By enchanting these mantras, the surroundings/environment is filled with positive vibes and creating positive energy in the minds of devotees. In the Rudrabhishek Puja, 108 names of Lord Shiva are chanted. The Shiva Linga is decorated with Rudraksha.

Rudrabhishek Puja in Trimbakeshwar Temple:

It is performed for the Peace, Growth, and Spirituality of the devotee. The Vedas have also mentioned Maha Rudrabhishek as the most essential and spiritual activity for attaining the benefits of puja performed for Lord Shiva. Its importance is mentioned in Ramayana during the exile period of Lord Rama, where they performed Rudrabhishek before starting their journey to take Sita Mata from the clutches of Ravana. The Panditji performs puja based on the pre-defined rituals and the birth details of the person. The puja performed at Trimbakeshwar Temple gives more benefits as it is performed at the Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva.

Rudrabhishek Puja Benefits

  • Firstly, to decrease the adverse effect of the aggrieved moon.
  • Secondly, to decrease the adverse effect of the different nakshatras and make it strong and helpful.
  • Further, for bringing harmony and wealth.
  • Moreover, taking away the negativities, cleaning the bad karma & giving protection in life.
  • In addition, for defending devotees from bad forces & probable risk
  • Also, having a strong mind and good strength.
  • Success in education, job, and career
  • Also, for healthy relationships
  • Elimination of financial issues
  • In addition, the Elimination of health-related problems
  • Dedicating a person with a strong mind and positive spirit
  • Also, it brings wealth and harmony.
  • Further, removes adverse energy and clean bad karma.
  • Also, safeguard from evils and gives strength to deal with difficulties.
  • And it can also finish the evil effects of many doshas in one’s horoscope such as Rahu dosha, Shrapit dosha, etc


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