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Vedaangam is a team of dedicated and experienced pandits based in Varanasi, India. Our mission is to provide authentic and personalized epuja services and astrology consultancy. We believe that puja is a sacred ritual that connects us to our inner selves, the divine, and our community. We aim to simplify the rituals by offering virtual or physical pandits as per the devotees’ requirements, especially for those living overseas who face challenges in performing Dharmic Anushthan due to lack of guidance and resources. Vedaangam provides the necessary guidance and pandits through virtual mediums to ensure the smooth execution of their pooja.

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Welcome to our Hindu puja services company! We are a team of dedicated and experienced pandits and Astrologers who are committed to providing authentic and personalized puja & consultancy services . We believe that puja has to be made center of faith not business. 

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